War in NANS!


Removee my name from records– MahmudWaiting for your main letter– NANSNANS leaders are state representatives– Arogundade.

By Mike Ebonugwo & Dayo Adesulu.

The National Association of Nigerian Trainees, NANS, is when again in the news, however this time for what lots of critics consider as all the incorrect factors. The umbrella body of college student in Nigeria is currently involved in a crisis that seriously threatens its presence. Though with a long history of advocacy based upon trainees uniformity versus the excesses of made up authorities on schools and the society at big, NANS seems tottering on a precipice of importance as it continues to unwind due to particular dominating scenarios.

At the root of the present crisis is the claim in lots of quarters that the management of the trainee body has actually ended up being politically jeopardized after it apparently promised to mobilise over 20 million trainees for President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election. The promise was stated to have actually been made throughout a conference in between the President and NANS’ leaders to look for option for the on-going strike by the Academic Personnel Union of Universities, ASUU. Throughout the conference, the President of NANS, Danielson Bamidele Akpan, was priced estimate to have actually guaranteed therefore: “( The trainees’ constituency) have a big population numbering about 80 million. I can ensure you today that if this constituency is well used, we’ll pull absolutely nothing less than 20 million choose you”.

The trainees’ leaders did not stop there. They had actually likewise proceeded to provide a present to Mr President for his 76 th birthday.

This action might have declared an earlier one taken by leaders of the trainees’ body in August. They had actually likewise praised the President when he became Chairman of the Economic Neighborhood of West African States, ECOWAS.

The congratulatory message consisted of in a declaration signed by NANS’ National Public Relations Officer, Bestman Okereafor, checked out in part: “We believe that President Buhari will cause favorable modifications in West African states. Our company believe he will promote liberty, equity and social justice, which will cause the much-anticipated tranquil co-existence amongst member states.

” As soon as once again from all Nigerian trainees education both in the house and in the Diaspora, we state congratulations to our cherished President, Muhammadu Buhari.”.

Undoubtedly lots of might have been left puzzled by these advancements considered that NANS had on December 23, 2018 released a two-week demand to the Federal Federal Government, ASUU and ASUP to abort the strikes by the unions or deal with the trainees’ rage, while likewise releasing a notification to all NANS structures and organs to begin mobilisation for mass action to that impact.

To include another twist to the unfolding drama, the ASUU had in its own response to the NANS’ leaders current actions, apparently implicated them of offering out to the Presidency in exchange for N150 million.

College student throughout among NANS demonstrations.

This turn of occasions activated instant responses with the present management of NANS on the getting end of really severe criticisms from various quarters. Leading the charge was Abdul Mahmud, a previous president of NANS, who implicated the present leaders of betrayal of the great credibility Nigerian trainees are kept in mind for and madly required that his name be eliminated from the records and archives of NANS. In a tweet, Mahmud had actually kept in mind therefore: “As the 8th President of NANS (1990-1992), I ask that my name be eliminated from all records and archives of the association. I will provide an official declaration to this impact.

” Remember that following the election of Bamidele Akpan( as) President( of) NANS a couple of months back, NANS contacted me to look for assistance for his management and ask for a check out to my workplace.

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” You consequently sent me an invite to your ‘Conserve Education Rally’ pursuant to the Academic Reform, ACAREF, and Program I introduced in March1991 I decreased your demands since I was abroad and still abroad. I guaranteed the association and management audience on my go back to the nation.

” That guarantee has actually now been nullified by the following:.

1) The careless risk released to ASUU to powerfully eject its members from their houses.

2) The inexpedient check out to Aso Rock, at a time trainees reel under the discomfort of strikes.

” It is your option to choose your programs of action, however the option does not consist of threatening ASUU, the historic ally of NANS- alliance that goes back to 1982, nor does it consist of the check out to (Muhammadu) Buhari the then totalitarian who provided Nigerian trainees bullets when they requested for bread in1984

” Remember that in 1984 when Buhari tried to trek tuition charges and hostel charges, withdraw feeding and restriction trainees unionism in greater organizations, NANS withstood him. That year- 1984- NANS, which was 4 years of ages at the time was prohibited by Muhammadu Buhari and its President, Lanre Arogundade, apprehended and secured in Ife Jail till he was toppled by IBB in 1985.”.

” Just a generation without a sense of history will continue to stroll the shamed course you have actually strolled because1999 You all have the option to find, satisfy, or betray your objective”.

However in a quick response to Mahmud’s demand that his name be eliminated from all records and archives of the Association, the NANS incumbent president, Akpan had in a telephone discussion with Lead chuckled and stated: “I’ll after I get his letter.”.

However in a counter-reaction, Mahmud informed Lead that he waits his word.

Present NANS leaders are state representatives.

Likewise responding to the advancement, Lanre Arogundade who was president of NANS in between 1984 and1985, likewise highly castigated the present leaders of NANS and implicated them of being state representatives planted on schools for that function. However he stated that while he comprehends the discomforts which triggered Mahmud’s strong response, he does not register for his choice to have his name eliminated from NANS’ records.

According to him, “I currently made it clear to Abdul Mahmud that while I comprehended his discomforts and pangs, it would be incorrect to follow that line. I will not toe that line despite the fact that I’m similarly baffled and highly condemn the so-called NANS leaders. I informed Mahmud that composing them was even providing excessive attention to those that do not deserve it. Likewise like I stated, I warranted my presidency and served in the very best interest of trainees. So why should I renounce my past since of a group of nonentities?

” For a long time now, those masquerading as NANS leaders are state representatives planted on the schools for that function. They are irreversible trainees and exist exclusively to be utilized by succeeding federal governments. So, as it was throughout the Jonathan routine, so it is now under Buhari.

” Some year’s back I participated in a trainees’ leaders pull back in Kano and the character who was presented as NANS President was stated to be 43 years of ages. How can that individual be a trainee? For sobbing out loud, I was 21 when I was chosen NANS president in December 1983 at the University of Jos. The late Segun Okeowo who was NUNS president went to College of Education prior to going to UNILAG where he was expelled for leading the Ali should go battle. He got readmitted into the university of Ife and still finished in his thirties.

” Be that as it might, I highly condemn the so-called NANS people for threatening the lives and homes of striking university instructors. It is more condemnable that such risk is being helped and abetted by the Buhari federal government. It is the method fascism starts. It was the very same manner in which the Babangida routine armed school cultists to assault extreme and advanced trainees’ activists and leaders. We can not enable such state approved anarchism and both the NANS characters and the federal government will be called to account must any kind of attack be gone to on the striking ASUU members”.

On its part, the management of Alliance of Nigerian Trainees versus Neo-liberal Attacks, ANSA, explained the go to of NANS to the president as treacherous and versus the interest of trainees.

In a declaration, its Ag. National Secretary, Obafemi Sodunola and National Planner, Adeyeye Femi stated: “We decline it as treacherous and a total infraction of the NANS Charter which stresses the age-long custom and historic obligation of NANS to safeguard, not simply the mass of trainees however likewise their bad moms and dads who are arranged in different employees unions versus their typical oppressor- federal government at all levels.

” It is dreadful to state the least that the ideological degeneracy of the present NANS executives has actually been permitted to produce its hydra head when again. Beautiful were the days when we had the NANS that battled SAP; intro of tuition in 1985, the military federal government and the June 12 revolts to name a few fantastic historic fights.

” It is no surprise even the brand-new executives of this anti-student NANS do not have the standard understanding of the fraternal relations constructed on ideological conviction in between the Nigerian Trainee Motion and their working class equivalents, specifically when all of us understand that these bodies are agents of the oppressed layer of our society. It is trainees today that end up being employees tomorrow.

” Ours, for that reason, is not to lament however to comprehend and proffer option, assistance and management as we are wont to do.

” It must be remembered that the executives of NANS on 31 st December 2018 telephoned to its structures to begin mobilisation versus the continuous strike of ASUU/ASUP, signing up with the Federal Federal government in requiring that the striking Unions abort their commercial actions. The executives of NANS nevertheless attempted to work up beliefs in the middle of the rank and file of trainees concluding that the striking Unions are making self-centered needs which according to the NANS Management are the speakers Made Academic Allowances.

” Let us attempt to mention to the Nigerian public that the battles being waged by the striking speakers are the battles the Nigerian trainees must be leading by now; in reality, we must have closed down the schools by ourselves thinking about the animalistic living and knowing conditions trainees go through.

” The declaration released by the NANS management, signing up with federal government in requiring that ASUU aborts its strike without federal government acceding to the needs of the Union is a require mass expulsion of trainees who would be challenged with the threat of outrageous charge increment.

” The NANS as we understand today is divided into 2 factions. The PDP NANS, we understand. The APC NANS, we understand. Where is the NANS of the Nigerian trainees?

” It is on this note that ANSA keeps its position in assistance of the needs of ASUU/ASUP specifically those needs preserved in the NANS Charter.”.

NANS responds.

However in his response to the deluge of criticisms versus NANS, its president Akpan, stated: “NANS is unfortunate at the method this go to has actually been producing unfavorable responses from both trainees and the public. However we’re not unconcerned of the tricks by ASUU to keep playing the exemplary, triggering department in the trainees’ motion and threatening our members to constantly support their relocations.

” A review of this response by ANSA or whatever it’s called will provide you an insight into the drummer of the dance.

” ANSA declares that NANS have actually refrained from doing anything on this concern. Let me rapidly advise you that I suspended my journey to Liberia on fifth November, 2018 simply to remain back house and attend to the ASUU strike that started on the fourth. I attempted to user interface with the management of ASUU to allow us get complete understanding of the crisis which they turned down. We similarly approached the federal government and could not get favorable reaction. I nevertheless led a SAVE EDUCATION RALLY across the country on the 19 th November,2018 Yet they state I have actually refrained from doing anything.

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” I have in the previous couple of months in workplace participated in fixing trainees crisis both on school and off school. From intervening in the killing of Ambrose Alli College student to University of Jos, where I went to challenge military intrusion of hostel and killing of trainees. You might remember I took part in the burial of the killed heroes. I intervened in University of Farming, Makurdi Trainees, I and my group endured an awful motor mishap. Just God conserved us as a few of my staff member were hospitalized for weeks. Yet I have actually refrained from doing anything!

” Discussing supporting ASUU as a sibling union, specifically as ideological needs, I have actually not seen where they did that for NANS in current times. ASUU is a pressure group securing the interest of her members therefore is NANS. I am yet to see where we have comparable interest.

” On our check out to the President, it’s just hypocrites that will state if it were me, I would insult, humiliate and even slap the President. As custom needs, we respectfully talked about whatever that impacts Nigerian trainees prior to the President, varying from bad financing of the academic sector, least expensive monetary arrangement, political victimisation of our members, school managements imposition of SUG authorities, management restriction on trainees union activities, absence of lodging, and so on. Nigerians must please need for the complete tape from NTA that put our just a part they like. Keep in mind, nobody is permitted to go into the Presidential Rental property and all my user interface with federal government have actually constantly been done on live streaming through my main facebook account.

” Lastly, ASUU or any other union must be made to understand that our interest varies and can not persuade us to constantly support theirs. They must appreciate ours too.

” No quantity of blackmail or propaganda will stop us”.

For an escape of the crisis, Arogundade position is that: “I have actually constantly kept that absolutely nothing is sacrosanct about NANS and it can constantly be eliminated having actually outlasted its effectiveness. Prior to NANS, there was NUNS. NANS developed out of the ashes of the prohibited NUNS by the Olusegun Obasanjo routine. Another nationwide trainees’ body, really devoted to independent trainees’ unionism and development of tactical alliance with mass organisations defending enhanced academic system, like ASUU, must now emerge from the present NANS, which has currently scorched itself into ashes. That job nevertheless is for the present generation of trainees’ leaders. My generation can just use suggestions and assistance”.