Warri here I come!


Yes, you can now get my 3 books in the fantastic city of Warri.


It likewise occurs that Warri is generally the setting of ‘Lords of the Creek’. I think the homeowners and whole individuals of Warri will discover the story especially fascinating. ‘Lords of the Creek’ is an action-packed thriller that is presently being made into a motion picture by the finest hands in the market. Below is an excerpt from the book:.

Warri Port.

Robert and his police officers were practically at Jakpa Junction prior to Robert discovered the roadways were practically deserted. Smouldering automobiles and homes dotted every corner of the town. Besides ambulances, just authorities and military automobiles were on the streets. Sirens shrieked from various corners of the city. It lastly struck him that the State Federal government had actually enforced a dusk-to- dawn curfew on the city. He should not be out on the roadway.

Robert was driving the cars and truck, and he sped towards Esisi roadway where remains cluttered the roadside. There was a barrier with gun-toting military males fifty meters away. The 2 police officers in his cars and truck remained in uniform, yet the military males manning the obstruction insisted they reveal their identity cards. Even more down the roadway, a marine patrol automobile increased and requested they pull over. Robert, worried, did not comprehend their hand motions as they signified to him to stop. He continued driving till 6 weapon shots sounded out in fast succession. Robert knocked on the breaks, however it was far too late. A spider web of fractures appeared on the rear windscreen from the bullets. It took twenty minutes of description and extreme examination of the automobile prior to they were released.

When Robert ultimately got to the Objective Roadway home of his Ijaw good friend, Ebikeme Waboke, it was a couple of minutes to 10. Eviction to your home was securely locked, and the area– constantly complete of life on a regular day– appeared like a ghost town. He banged constantly on eviction till the neighbours began peeping very carefully from their windows, believing, maybe, that the war had actually reached their area. After a while, Ebikeme, half-dressed, roamed out of his home. His bulging stomach sagged over his white shorts


” Mr. Robert, what are you doing on the streets by now?” A noticeably anxious Ebikeme asked as he transferred to open eviction.

” I’m sorry for coming this late, Ebi. It is very important that I speak to you.”.

” I am not discussing the late hour however the scenario of the town. You do not appear to appreciate your life any longer even with what took place to you the other day. Haba!”.

Ebikeme took Robert into your home while the police officers remained at eviction. The Perkins power generator had actually been switched off, however his boy changed it back on. In minutes, the generator started to hum, sending out light into your home.

” Mr. Ebikeme, I desire you to take me to Tonye this night.”.

Mr. Ebikeme recoiled as though he ‘d been struck by a bullet. “What! Have you freaked, Robert?”.

” I am dead major, Ebi.”.

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” I believe your current distressing experiences are starting to impact you. I encourage you take some day of rests to rest.”.

Robert stood from his chair and approached Ebikeme. He stooped and held him by the hand. “Ebi, you have actually understood me for some years now. In all those years, you have actually assisted me reach even the most hard individuals. This one is absolutely nothing for you.”.

” Yes, I have actually understood you for several years, Robert, however not as a madman.”.

” I am sane, Ebi,” Robert stated, smiling grimly.

” That’s certainly not what I am seeing today.”.

” Envision what it implies for me to brace all the chances and come by here at this hour. Individuals are dying.The town is on fire,” Robert pleaded.

” Yes, however I didn’t understand you to be a police officer. Are you the individual to satiate the riots?”.

” I need to do what I can, Ebi. Please take me to Tonye, even if it’ll be the last favour you’ll do me in this life.”.

Ebikeme tapped his feet and kicked back. “Ehen, however the Itsekiri individuals triggered the entire wahala. Why should they stop the Adilax M.D. from seeing Pere after he had seen their Olu? Is it reasonable?”.

” Itsekiri individuals did not stop us from going to Oporoza. I remained in the cars and truck with the M.D. It was a last-minute security report.”.

Ebikeme averted in disgust. “Forget all that, Robert. We understand how these things work. The Itsekiri individuals have a method of affecting those reports.”.

” Think me, Ebi. Let’s not hang around arguing this matter. Please simply take me to Tonye, I’ll discuss whatever to him.”.

” By the method, do you understand what the time is? Do you understand where Tonye lives? The number of hours it’ll require to go there and return?”.

Robert nodded.” I understand it’ll take a while.”.

” Do you understand how dangerous it is to ply the creeks in the afternoon, not to mention in the evening? Where are you going to get a speedboat at this time? Who will pilot it?”.

” Simply do this for me, Ebi.”.

” My good friend I do not believe you understand what you are discussing. And, how are we even sure he would remain in any of his homes at this time?”.

” Yes, I understand it’s a threat I’m taking. Simply leave me to face it. Ebi, you understand how to get a speedboat and the pilot. We have actually both relocated the creeks in the evening. I am all set to pay whatever they would charge.”.

Ebikeme was quiet. He had actually never ever seen Robert in such a state of mind. Robert saw as Ebikeme gazed at the blank wall as though weighing the threats of the proposed motion. All of a sudden Ebikeme stood, got his mobile phone, and ignored the sitting space. “I’ll be back,” he stated.

From where Robert sat, he heard Ebikeme talking over the phone in Ijaw language. He might not construct anything he was stating as he hardly comprehended the language, however from the tone of the conversation, he understood Ebikeme was making an effort to convince whoever was on the other end. Robert held his breath and hoped it ended up in his favour. For a couple of seconds, he did not hear anything. Then, the door swung open.

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Ebikeme produced his chair. “Mr. Robert, you need to count yourself fortunate today. Tonye wants to get you. This is really unlike him, I need to admit. I do not understand. I simply do not understand.”.

” Thank you, Ebi.”.

Ebikeme disregarded Robert’s thankfulness. “In any case, I’ll just accompany you to the jetty here in Warri. I’ll not go with you to the creeks, and neither will your 2 police officers.”.

” That’s alright; that’s alright.”.

” They’ll await you at the jetty till you return. There is a speedboat and a pilot all set to take you there.”.

Robert jumped in enjoyment and hugged Ebikeme. “You’re a real good friend, undoubtedly. I’ll always remember this favor, Ebi,” he stated.

” It’s alright, Robert. However please understand this whole experience is at your own threat. Delegated me, I ‘d encourage you not to start such a harmful journey.”.

” Never ever mind, Ebi. If you desire me to sign an endeavor, I will.”.

” No, no, no. It’s alright. Feel in one’s bones what you’re entering.”.



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