We cannot feed, pay home lease, retired cops sob out


By Chioma Onuegbu.

UYO- LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER who retired from service in 2015, have actually wept out that they might not feed and pay their home leas due to nonpayment of their gratuity and pension by the appropriate authorities, while the majority of their kids had actually left of school.

To feed is tough– ASP Udo (retd).

An Assistant Superintendent of Authorities, ASP and daddy of 7 from Ikono City government, Mr. Asuquo Udo, who retired in 2017, stated: “I am the income producer of the household and I have actually not had the ability to deal with the difficulty considering that I retired since of hold-up in payment of the gratuity. With 7 kids, feeding as soon as a day is tough. Sadly, my other half does not work.


” And you understand while serving in the Nigeria Police, the law that covers the force does not permit us to do something else. The circumstance is so bad and I am interesting the authorities, the Federal Federal government to come to our help. At my age, I can not go to search for fresh task, after serving the country for 35 years”.

2 of my kids from school– DSP Udofia (retd).

Likewise, DSP Emmanuel Udofia (retd) from Ibiono Ibom, stated, “The circumstance is discouraging. Often, I are sorry for having signed up with the Nigeria Authorities. You can not envision after working for 35 years, exactly what I have actually pertained to get as benefit is aggravation. I retired in February 2018, however from exactly what I hear, my associates that retired considering that in 2015 are yet to be paid gratuity.

” And the N1.1 million that we hear they are paying as gratuity is likewise dissuading since it can not assist us to look after our households or to take part in other organisations after retirement. As I talk to you, 2 of my kids have actually left of school since loan is not can be found in from anywhere,” he divulged.

A few of us passing away– Utuk.

Likewise, another retired police officer, Mr. Sunday Utuk from Etim Ekpo City government, was sorry for that they were being underpaid, stating, “The circumstance is that upon retirement, you anticipate to be paid N5 to N6 million, however this time, when you retire, you are paid N1.1 million as gratuity regardless of your rank, consisting of retired authorities inspectors. We are not delighted about this advancement. A few of us are passing away as an outcome of mental result of the suffering they have actually subjected us to, particularly this problem of underpayment.”.

Where is our NHS contribution?– SP Obarua (retd).

Responding, Thomas Obarua, retired Superintendent of Authorities from Cross River state, asserted: “They made obligatory reductions from our wage for National Real estate Plan however as I am talking with you, none people has actually gotten any loan for that. If you retire and they did not construct for you, they should return your loan. We are over 200 in this state; it was a method of duping us.”.

” So our experience is as awful as death. Regretfully we have actually objected severally, however no one is paying attention to us. We are now like castaways. Recently I called my buddy in Lagos, who is likewise travelling through this issue and he stated he would never ever recommend even his opponent to sign up with the Nigerian Police. It is an awful circumstance,” he regreted.

My remorse– DSP Effiong (retd).

DSP Effiong (retd), who occurred to have actually been paid his gratuity, nevertheless, revealed remorse for being underpaid and questioned why such a pittance, whereas his associates who had actually retired about 4, 5 years earlier were paid over N7million, some N9 million depending upon the rank they obtained prior to retirement.


Linus Isangha from Cross River state regreted: “I feel extremely, extremely dissuaded and dissatisfied and I will never ever recommend any person, not even my opponent to sign up with the police since federal government is not thinking about our well-being regardless of the danger, the sacrifice we made in serving the country.”.

DSP Matthew Uzor (retd), from Imo state explained the circumstance as dissuading and attracted the suitable authorities to come to their aid, keeping in mind that the shame he had actually gotten so from his property owner following his failure to pay his past due lease was providing him sleep deprived night.

From bad to even worse– Egere.

Likewise, Francis Igele from Cross- River state said “My circumstance is going from bad to even worse every day. It is so bad that I can not pay my home lease since it has actually been 17 months considering that I retired. No gratuity, no regular monthly pension, I do not have another method of income, it is simply the magnanimity of my property owner, I and my household would have remained in the street, it is as bad as that.”.

Structured collapse– Akpan, rights activist.

Rights activist in the state, Mr. SaviourAkpan, who talked to NDV on the problem, stated: “The circumstance is a symptom of systemic failure in the country’s policy. Nigerian federal government does not care for the aged.”.