We didn’t take container filled with dollars– Customizeds


By Ebuka Oko.

The National Public Relations Officer of Nigeria Customs Solutions, NCS, Joseph Attah has actually unmasked news trending in the social networks that a person of the just recently taken 40 containers by Customs along Apapa roadway consists of United States dollars.

440 pump action riffles obstructed by Customizeds.

Attah, who made this understood to the media throughout a press instruction in Lagos, specified that the fraud was developed by some individuals who do not have the genuine info about the material of the containers.

He even more described that the container was completely filled with tramadol and other pain medication drugs and not dollars.

He specified: “I wish to state plainly that the 40 containers took in Apapa were consisting of feared tramadol and other pain medication drugs, not dollars.”.

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Attah likewise alerted that this incorrect info and produced lies can produce panic in the nation’s political system if not tamed.

” We have actually never ever taken any container consisting of American dollars. This type of fabrication is incorrect, deceptive and efficient in triggering unneeded panic on the polity,” he included.



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