We need to return to nature for health and wellbeing– Teacher Enweani


By Ebele Orakpo.

Teacher Ifeoma Enweani is a teacher of medical microbiology, a speaker in the Department of Medical Lab Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi school. In this chat with Lead in Nnewi, she speaks on 2 of her research study items, from regional underutilised crops stating that those who formerly motivated artificial items have actually seen the huge health concerns originating from artificial items..


Teacher Ifeoma Enweani.

According to Teacher Enweani who has a fondness for food microbiology, she takes pleasure in raising 100 percent natural foods without ingredients, that will enhance health and health and wellbeing.

Returning to nature.

” You will observe that individuals are getting thinking about natural items due to the fact that artificial items have actually failed us. Even those who were motivating artificial items in the past have actually seen that the health concerns turning up from artificial items are huge. A great deal of illness are connected to artificial items.

” My dad was a nurse. In addition to his practice of orthodox medication, he utilized to process some fruits and other herbs, and administer to people, particularly kids who had consistent fever. I observed that the fever would decrease and rashes connected with measles would appear.

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This helped those who may have experienced measles not understanding whether it was measles or not. So it was my desire to carry out research study on these food to establish their medical worths, dietary structure and phytochemical analysis. It will likewise be intriguing to identify the antioxidant homes to name a few.

These herbs, consisting of fruits sometimes, roots and leaves were gathered from bushes and my post-graduate trainees have actually been dealing with them. We learnt that these food crops are improved with anti-oxidants. We required time to analyze and evaluate their phytochemical, micronutrient the dietary structures.

The items.

Besomic flour: Likewise called Onavita, is made from Ona, a yam types. It is made in a manner that individuals can utilize it as fufu. Diabetics who consumed it understood that they felt much better; no sugar spikes had a sense of health and felt light. Onavita is gluten and cholesterol-free and has a great deal of anti-oxidants. Amongst all the yam types, ona types has greater amount of protein with low carb material and assists to keep the body’s sugar level.

Besomic Fruit juice: This is made from a wild fruit, Nauclea types. This fruit juice is 100 percent natural, no cholesterol and the phytochemical and micronutrients structures were established. Volunteers checked it and affirmed that the item keeps the sugar level and lowers the sugar level in the diabetic.

A few of the volunteers were diabetic with diabetic problems, some had asthma, otitis media, stomach pains, arthritis, body pains etc, all taken in the juice and felt much better. So this natural item is more than a fruit juice; it’s a health beverage.

Research study continues.

The research study continues. and we wish to begin scientific trials to get more details on the physiological modifications that go on in these volunteers who affirmed about the effectiveness of the items. With proofs supporting these claims, NAFDAC registration will be sought for as the items have actually currently been designated with Trade mark numbers.