We’re strongly in support of Saraki – Group

We’re strongly in support of Saraki – Group

The Kwara state chapter of #SNIGERIA FIRST, a Saraki support group, says they are staunchly in support of Saraki in the face of what they claimed is “the vehement hostility against him and the political imbroglio unfolding in the country.


The group’s coordinator, Damilola Damilare, in a statement released titled: “Why We Support Saraki”, said it had become imperative to intimate Nigerians about the man called Saraki, “because since he emerged as the senate president against the wish of some interest groups, he has been a subject of myriads of persecutions, preposterous allegations and constant bashing. Despite these challenges, Saraki continues to discharge his duties with a sense of purpose and efficiency”.

He maintained that no leader has shown a greater sense of emotional intelligence, empathy and responsiveness to the needs of Nigerians like Saraki.

“Saraki’s keen sense of empathy, is one unique trait which sets him apart from other Nigerian leaders. This was exemplified by his empowerment of the neglected family of the late Nigerian football legend, Rasheed Yekini.

“And so many other countless gestures like how he paid a personal visit to the national assembly staff that was injured during the mace theft drama, or how he was one of the first sets of people to donate blood to victims of Nyanya bombing in Abuja, in 2014.

“Another significant one is how, in 2017, he supported Ali Ahmadu, a young boy from Borno, who could not walk because he was ran over by Boko Haram, and few months later, Ali had been operated abroad and could walk again.” said Damilare.

On the issue of non-performance as a two-term Governor of Kwara state, the group refuted such claims, saying that it was laughable for some people to insinuate that the former Governor had no achievement during his two-term tenure in Kwara State.

They pointed out some of the landmark achievements that were recorded during his time as governor of the state, alleging that “Kwara received one of the lowest allocations from the Federal Government at the time.”

“Saraki initiated one of the best diagnosis centres in West Africa. (Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre) He initiated one of the best agricultural initiatives in Nigeria, (Shonga Farms). He established the first State-owned Aviation College in Nigeria,(International Aviation College); He established the first state owned football academy in Nigeria, (Kwara Football Academy); He initiated the first community based health insurance scheme in Kwara, (Kwara Community Health Insurance Scheme).

“He initiated the first state owned university in Kwara, (Kwara State University, KWASU) Under him, Kwara became the first state to complete the Nigerian Integrated Power Project in Nigeria, (NIPP).

“Past administrations before Saraki built only 3 housing estates, Saraki built 10 and became the first Governor to build housing estates across all the three senatorial districts. He built the first ever overhead bridge in Kwara and decongested the busiest area in the state capital,” the group said..

The group added that he initiated the clean and green program and bagged over 15 awards during his time as Governor.