Westerwelle Young Creators Program– Fall 2019 (Fully-funded to Berlin, Germany)


Due Date: July 31,2019

Applications are open for the Westerwelle Young Creators Program Fall 2019 The Westerwelle Young Creators Program is an entirely well-to-do 6-month-long program for remarkable young entrepreneur from emerging and developing countries. The program means to connect young developers from all over the world with each other and with the Berlin start-up scene, and support them in more developing their entrepreneurial capabilities and their worldwide network.

The Westerwelle Young Creators Program Fall 2019 will start with the Young Creators Conference from 22 nd to 26 th of October, 2019 in Berlin. Throughout this time, the 25 people have the unique opportunity to please and interact with reliable entrepreneur, investors and political option makers. Throughout the program, the Young Creators will have the possibility to develop their organisations and review problems with a private coach in addition to with fellow Young Developers in a peer mentoring group. Additionally, Young Creators will get more support through regular expert webinars that accommodate their requirements.


The Westerwelle Young Creators Conference– a week-long conference in Berlin to get more information about fellow Young Developers, the German start-up scene, and enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities by going to workshops and conferences (travel and accommodations will be covered by the Westerwelle Structure);(**************)

A private coach who is an experienced entrepreneur and will work as a sparring partner with whom you can review approaching problems and new opportunities;(**************)

Routine month-to-month peer mentoring calls with the other reliable Young Developers of the accomplice to share understanding with and support each other;(**************)

Expert sessions on suitable topics (e.g. OKRs, investor KPIs, marketing & sales);(**************)

The Young Creators Network– a strong alumni network that works as a platform for all Young Developers to contact each other, exchange principles and find support for existing problems;(**************)

Direct Direct Exposure to the Berlin start-up scene and the public for you and your start-up by methods of our social media networks channels and our networks,.
Assistance beyond the program as the organizers remain a contact person for the Young Developers and will help you to find perfect professionals for problems, offer possibilities to share knowings with present mates or honor successes.


You have simply recently (in the last 5 years) started a for-profit company with a scalable service style that has in fact achieved Product-Market Fit and has in fact ideally safeguarded really initially external funding (if you run a service style that requires external monetary investment);(**************)

Your company is based in a developing or emerging country or has a strong service focus on developing and emerging economies;(**************)

You have a terrific working understanding of English;(**************)

You are easily offered to go to the Young Creators Conference in Berlin and can make time to participate in routine month-to-month mentoring and peer mentoring need the 6-month program.

Please remember that foreign prospects require to have genuine travel files (including a visa, if required) to get in Germany, and genuine travel medical insurance protection.


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For more information, see Westerwelle Young Creators Program.


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