What is your take on Buhari/Obasanjo face-off ?

What is your take on Buhari/Obasanjo face-off  ?

By Bose Adelaja & Ebun Sessou

I want Buhari to go for second term because he is the chosen one and also a good leader. He is the right person for the postion. He who the cap fits, let him wear it. With the leadership of Buhari, Nigerians will not fall into the dungeon. 
-Alhaja Amudalat Aweni


In my own view, former President Obasanjo should leave Nigerians  to dictate for themselves rather than causing distraction all the time. Moreso, Nigerians are not fools and they  know what suits them best rather than allowing dictatorship.
-Disu Abimbola Fashion designer

It’s  a  case of  true confession; the two are disgracing and mocking themselves publicly without shame. Both men were given  the opportunity  to write their names  in gold, but  they misled Nigeria to the situation  we find ourselves today!
-Frank Akputu Lecturer 

This OBJ handed over to YarÁdua, then from Jonathan to Buhari. I don’t understand this quarel because it is politically motivated. How are we sure the fight is genuine?
Even if we don’t come out and vote, they already know the winner, so, why are they bothering themselves again? 
– Mama Obichukwu Anthony Businesswoman 

Every president that has ever ruled Nigeria was incompetent, only Obasanjo is competent in his own world.
He’s also the only incorruptible Nigerian but Nigerians are wiser now 
-Samuel Oloyede, Public officer

Buhari should face his job, it’s three years, yet, nothing! Obasanjo did well as a leader. If he thinks probing Obj will change the minds of the people, he is wrong. The best thing for him is to work, stop the killings across Nigeria and arrest the perpetrators. Buhari should know that we know his tactics; he should stop wasting our time and resources.
-Queen Klersaint-Amor Writer/Entrepreneur

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