What It’s like to Earn a Master’s Degree on Coursera

What It’s like to Earn a Master’s Degree on Coursera

We recently celebrated the first graduates from the University of Illinois’ iMBA program on Coursera. Leading up to the graduation ceremony, Marc Either from Poets & Quants had the opportunity to talk with some of the first iMBA grads to hear more about their experience charting a new frontier in online learning. Below we’ve shared a few highlights from the article “Illinois Graduates 1st Cohort From $22K iMBA”:

The iMBA’s rigorous curriculum is the same as on campus.

Kara Anderson: “The iMBA is not in any way a shortcut around earning an MBA. The program is just as rigorous and challenging as the traditional MBA program at UIUC, and as a prospective student and now an alum, that was really important to me.”

“I was very specific about not wanting a degree from a private, online-only school. I did not want a degree from a program that did not test my abilities and stretch my knowledge. The iMBA was the perfect fit.”

The global classroom is interactive and engaging.

Christin Gomes: “One of my biggest concerns about a distance program was not having the networking opportunities that traditional MBA students have in the classroom setting. The opportunities within the iMBA program have exceeded my expectations. I work and speak to my classmates daily through live sessions, social apps, and group projects. Professors are also readily available via class and designated virtual office hours.”

“The program does a great job of hosting networking events in different cities globally, and students often organize meetups and study groups within their locale. I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from so many smart, talented individuals in this program, and I’m glad to call so many of them friends. I might argue that this model has been more beneficial to my real-world experience working for a global organization maneuvering and collaborating with colleagues across regions and time zones.”

Top quality learning that fits your life.

Zubair Ahmad:  “I loved the quality of the professors, curriculum, and classmates. The professors are the same professors that teach on campus, and in fact are the cream of the crop of the on-campus instructors. I’d taken some online and extension classes from other institutions where the instructors are not actual university faculty and the quality of instruction is much lower; this was not the case in the iMBA.”

“I use my own development path as an example of the opportunities that can be realized with the iMBA. I transitioned from engineering to product management, launched new products, and received a promotion. All of this was accomplished while still enrolled as a student in the program, without having to travel or give up entire weekends. At the same time, I was able to have dinner with my family nearly every night of the week.”

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