Who states loan can’t purchase love?


By Bunmi Sofola.

‘ COUGAR’ is an advanced word presented to the dating scene a couple of years back. A cougar, aka Puma, aka American mountain lion is a fierce-looking animal who stalks its victim non-stop.


When it ultimately over-powers the victim, the cougar tears it to pieces, devours it ferociously and licks its lips with fulfillment at the end of the ‘banquet.’.

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The cougar has actually now changed those we as soon as called ‘senior women’ in the society. Ladies with a great deal of loan and power, however with little persistence to begin pursuing males in their age bracket just to discover such males to be bitter frustrations in the bed room. The cougar understands the kind of males she desires– not so old. Young enough to stand to attention at the push of a button.

To the ‘Cougar’s victim, the sky is the limitation to the doors that may be opened to him– automobiles from his cougar’s garage at his disposal, great deals of loan to burn, and great deals of company chances tossed his method. All he needs to do was to ask ‘how far?’ when his cougar states, ‘leap’! As long as a boy-toy understands his location and does not get contented adequate to begin considering a few of his cougar’s pals with the hope of rendering very same services with perhaps much better returns, he’s on strong premises.

Nkiru, now near 50 married really young. According to her, “I was a peaceful 19- year-old virgin when my moms and dads offered me out in marital relationship to an abundant town chief practically 20 years my senior. He was kind and reputable however I was shy and unskilled, not able to unwind and take pleasure in sex.

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I simply presumed excellent sex was a media misconception, that orgasms were as unobtainable as the moon. The arrival of the kids turned me off sex a lot more and my other half didn’t demonstration. He undoubtedly had a below par sex drive or was looking in other places for satisfaction.

” By the time he passed away 16 years into our marital relationship, I ‘d understood adequate about his company to run things for myself. He passed away of cancer and had actually alerted his greedy family members to leave me alone after he ‘d gone. Not just that, he ‘d moved all his liquid money into my account and provided me the title deeds to all the residential or commercial property he had. As quickly as he passed away and my conventional grieving duration was over, I sold whatever, so my other half’s household would not lay their hands on them, and pertained to Lagos to discover a company of my own.

” My very first taste of significant sex came when among my providers began teasing me with saucy innuendos. I was delighted. He was wed, high, dark and good-looking with naughty eyes. That matched me to the ground. I had my 4 kids and loan; I wasn’t on the look-out for another other half. The day we lastly got together resembled a magic.

Like the publications recommended, I ‘d used attractive underclothing and enlivened my bed room. We were perfectly sloshed when we toppled into bed. It was the very first time I reached an orgasm. At last, I comprehended that sex might be astonishing. And I desired more.

” I made certain he didn’t regret our intermediary. I purchased a great deal of my basic materials from him, offered him loan towards the cost of a previously owned vehicle and purchased him designer clothing whenever we took a trip. It went on for a couple of years up until his other half learnt and had the nerve to charge into my workplace calling me all sorts of negative names. I raged and tossed her out of my workplace. I may be bunking her other half, however I made certain a great deal of the giveaways I tossed his method went a long method into offering his other half and kids a soft life.

Daily, our males in consistent die so that we will live.

‘ Informing him I didn’t desire any scandal, I cut him off and purchased myself a vibrator which kept me man-free for a while. 2 years later on, I fulfilled Joshua who was single and prepared to socialize as they state! His youth made him excited to please and he was actually energetic. ‘I like older females’, he stated cheekily and he was much better than any of the vibrators I ‘d utilized.

In the bed room he in fact, made me delighted. He was grown enough not to speak about my personal life and I offered him all the flexibility he desired. All I desired was incredible sex-passion without obligations. And we were both complimentary to sleep with other individuals, so I kept my choices open.

” Occasionally, I captured peek of jealousy in his eyes and I rapidly called him to buy. When he ultimately informed me he was marrying, I offered him my true blessings however informed him we were over. After that experience with an irritated other half, I didn’t delight in the concept of a ‘other half’ young adequate to be my child screaming insults at me since I slept with her other half.

” I have actually because fulfilled another guy likewise young and virile. Like me, he delights in sluggish, sensual sex. And I’m having the time of my life. It’s challenging to think that when I was more youthful, I believed orgasms were legendary, yet now, at my age, I’m having extraordinary sex and aging has actually never ever been such enjoyable! I’m eagerly anticipating striking the ‘excellent five-o! Who understands what spritely hip-wriggling stud I would invest that day with!

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Thank goodness all my kids are abroad. My oldest kid pertained to remain for a while and saw my brand-new catch. He grimaced when I admitted we were fans. ‘Simply take care mum’, he alerted, ‘we do not desire any scandal!’.

” I informed him to mature. Even in Britain where he remains, cougars are plentiful and it would not harm him to try out a couple of prior to he settles! I then found that a great deal of my pals enjoy this cougar thing and some have actually even slept with each other’s fans with no ill-feelings. I didn’t plan to take things that far and I demand safe sex. I desire enjoyment.

I do not plan to be careless in my mission for significant sex! I wish to be around enough time to see how far this experience would take me!”.



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