Why May 1 due date roll-out of brand-new electrical power meters not practical


Momas Electrical Energy Meter Production Business Ltd. states Nigerian Electrical energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) instructions to start the present of brand-new meters by May 1 is not possible and practical.

Kola Balogun, Chairman of the business, informed Newsmen in Lagos on Sunday that presenting meters by Might 1 as directed by the NERC was unreachable, thinking about other obstacles that needed attention.

On April 5, NERC released licenses to Meter Possession Providers (MAPs) to roll-out brand-new meters not behind Might 1,2019

Pre-paid meters.

According to Balogun, the instruction can not work; in the very first circumstances, customers require to be informed about what is anticipated of them to have access to MAP licensee.

EEDC starts disconnection of homes within power line ROW.

” Second of all, customers have to be notified on the approaches of getting meters, whether by payment or by financial investment.

” Last but not least, every producer (licensee) that wishes to present meters requires a grace of 3 months to make it possible for them have the meters readily available in their storage facilities.

” The technique to begin presenting meters needs to be put in location viz a viz all the different paperworks that are needed and the facilities that will make release a smooth running,” he stated.” If we are certified this month (April) 3 months suffice for us to prepare, that is April May and June, while in July we begin execution.

” Other than for couple of varieties of us who have some stock at hand that can present however the technique to present is likewise a concern.

” Apart from NERC providing licences, we still require procedures to be put in location prior to meters will get to customers due to the fact that we require to train the meter installers, they require to be sufficiently trained on setup in customers’ facilities.

” Customers likewise require to be informed on payments, there will likewise be an “EXCO account” at the same time. These are obstacles that need an extended period.

” While that a person is going on, anyone who wishes to position an order from produces will likewise be signing a contract arrangement for the meters.

” Those who wish to import will likewise be making orders for importations,” Balogun discussed.

The native meter producer stated he might not fathom how the NERC created such instruction, due to the fact that of the time frame needed while doing sos.

” NERC just engaged couple of MAPs recently and after that we have Mojec and others, consisting of 2 Discos and we still have about 8-9 Discos which are on the procedure of licensing.

” Nevertheless, the procedure requires to be expantiated so that the media will have a clear understanding of the problems and the instruction.

He stated that according to NERC viewpoint, meter costs have actually been benchmarked on what was accepted for customers to pay.

He stated that customer would be paying in between N36,000 to N37,000 on single stage meters and in between N63,000 and N67,000 on 3 stage meters, stating that was the position of the regulator.

” We have the capability to present enormously, when the tasks begin and we likewise wish that.

” We have enough financial backing from banks like the CBN and other banks that will support the plans to have enough fund to rollout meters enormously.

On April 3, 2018, the NERC presented the MAP policy to brand-new financiers in the power sector to fast-track the roll-out of meters through the engagement of third-party financiers.

The Commission released licenses to Meter Possession Providers (MAPs) on April 5 in accordance with area 4( 3) of the MAP Laws 2018, to MAPs that achieved success in the procurement carried out by Abuja and Jos Discos.

Area 4( 3) of the MAP Guideline 2018 need all electrical power circulation licensees to engage MAPs that will help as financiers, in closing the metering space and hence removing approximated billing in the Nigerian Electrical Energy Supply Market (NESI).