Why My Freshman Year Label Was “Prophylactic Queen”


When I initially left house for college, I would not have actually considered myself an “activist.” I felt relatively safe and secure in my political views. I recognized as a feminist. And I felt happy to be called after a crucial American suffragette (Elizabeth Cady Stanton … look her up!).
However I didn’t invest my weekends making poster boards for demonstrations or including frames to my Facebook profile photo for problem exposure.
And yet, every when in a while, something about you or your identity appears to stick so firmly to you that everybody feels the requirement to identify it with a label.

In my freshman year of college, mine simply occurred to be “Prophylactic Queen.”.
Let me discuss.
In my very first week at my college, Georgetown University held an activities reasonable on the front yard of school. Clubs, sports groups and school papers each effort to charm brand-new trainees into registering for their e-mail lists.
While a lot of groups table on the lawn, a handful of companies established off to the side in Red Square, a location nearby. With my freshman roomie, I meticulously made my method over to the tables.
A big purple indication for “H * yas for Option” (a sex-positive reproductive justice group that I later on found out was unacknowledged by the university), captured my eye right away. Its members stood in the square giving out envelopes and, to my shock, prophylactics and lube. I approached the table with interest and asked the trainee representative why the group gave out a lot complimentary birth control.
” The university does not provide them to trainees, so we chose that we would rather,” she addressed.
As it ends up, Georgetown’s Catholic/Jesuit identity avoids the circulation of complimentary contraceptives (prophylactics, oral dams and in many cases, contraception) by the school’s university hospital. It likewise produces guidelines versus the sale of prophylactics anywhere on or near school premises. The closest location to purchase them is a CVS over half a mile from school.

I was both surprised and horrified, and felt specifically disgusted that the university declined to offer prophylactics on school. While I have actually constantly been one to appreciate spiritual distinctions, I believed it would be rather clear to all administrators that an absence of prophylactics will not stop trainees from making love: it just stops trainees from having safe sex.
Because that very first week, HFC has actually become my preferred club on school. For 2 hours a week, I sit at a table in Red Square with 2 other HFC members giving out prophylactics, lube and oral dams to whoever asks for it. I participate in biweekly conferences of the company, assistance arrange occasions, bake for charity events and participate in counter-protests and speaking occasions.
The most substantial part of my participation in the club is our “prophylactic envelopes”. At the start of each year, HFC give out manila envelopes for its members to embellish with puns, sticker labels and illustrations. Trainees then tape the envelopes to the beyond their dormitory door and fill them with prophylactics and lube, changing the products as trainees take them for their own usage.
I resided on an all-girls flooring my freshman year (by random task I might include). I got lots of filthy appearances and whispers behind my back for hanging the envelope on my door. Obviously my option to provide complimentary birth control to everybody on the flooring designated me as an outrageous person.

Image by Cady Stanton.

Quickly enough, a buddy who lived one flooring listed below me notified me that I got a label due to the fact that of my envelope: I was formally the “Prophylactic Queen” of Harbin 9.

When my good friends back home become aware of this, the name stuck. I opened weekly snapchats of bowls of prophylactics and even got a coffee mug with my brand-new name on it for Christmas that term.
As the term advanced, I keep in mind clearly how anxious I felt as Moms and dad’s Weekend approached. I considered my moms and dads’ possible response to my brand-new enthusiasm. Would they feel uneasy with the envelope of prophylactics and lube on my door? Would they appear dissatisfied in me for signing up with a club that the university will not acknowledge?

However in truth, none of my worries were recognized. My daddy, in specific, supported my efforts and of all my family members, discovered my brand-new label definitely funny. “My child the ‘Prophylactic Queen,'” he chuckled. “I can’t wait to talk of my colleagues.”.
HFC likewise does essential deal with school as a supporter around other locations of reproductive justice. The biggest college anti-abortion conference takes place at Georgetown every January. HFC disperses info about the methods which the speakers weaken a lady’s right to her body and stands outside the conference in a counter-protest.
The company has actually likewise developed lots of efforts around the trainee university hospital on school. When the trainee medical insurance policies threatened to stop covering contraception for trainees (which was just used in the very first location for factors aside from contraceptive functions), the club management began a phone project to guarantee the policy altered.
I made a 10- foot long poster to hold on school with the contact number and info for calling the school administration. Not long after our presentation, the policy altered.

Image by Cady Stanton.

Due to the fact that of its pro-choice basis, HFC can not get any university financing. It’s not in any method officially acknowledged or sponsored by the school. We can just table in “complimentary speech zones” on school. At any time we require to book a space for an occasion, HFC needs to do so as private trainees and check out a prolonged disclaimer prior to the occasion to make it clear to all participants that it was no other way supported by Georgetown. Prophylactic envelopes are just enabled to hold on the doors of dormitory rooms/apartments due to the fact that they are likewise thought about “complimentary speech zones.” and RAs can not hang envelopes due to the fact that they are workers of the university.
Most just recently, HFC revealed their brand-new effort to disperse emergency situation birth control (otherwise referred to as the “morning-after tablet”) to Georgetown’s school for the very first time. The closest readily available shop for acquiring the emergency situation birth control is over a mile from school. The group likewise assisted bring members of Planned Being a parent, feminist authors, such as the creator of the site Reductress, and lots of others to school.

Image by Cady Stanton.

I understood when I used that Georgetown it was a Jesuit university. However I had no concept just how much this identity impacts the daily life of trainees, specifically in regards to capability to gain access to birth control (a right that I think is essential to college life).
This truth of my university rather clearly puts a bad taste in my mouth. However it likewise provided me a remarkable chance that I would not get anywhere else.
The HFC neighborhood has actually not just helped me in getting relationships however likewise in strengthening my political beliefs and managing me a platform to reveal my enthusiasm for reproductive justice.