Wildlife Poaching & & & & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop 2019


Due Date: May 26,2019

The Africa-China Reporting Job (the Job) at Wits Journalism and partners Khetha (WWF) and VukaNow (USAID) welcome press reporters who report on wildlife poaching and trafficking from countries in Southern Africa to send out applications to participate in the Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop that will happen in South Africa in July2019
The Workshop will focus on area engagement and performing impactful reporting, and will provide training on investigative reporting approaches, the trafficking supply chain to and require in Asia, and innovative methods for area and public engagement in understanding and combating wildlife poaching and trafficking.
The Workshop will happen throughout the extremely first or second week of July 2019 in Johannesburg and at the Southern African Wildlife College near Mbombela, Mpumalanga province. The Workshop will include a networking alcoholic drink event with paper editors and media professionals in Johannesburg, and possibly engagement with communities surrounding the Kruger National park in addition to workers and authorities consisted of with conservation and anti-poaching efforts.
After the Workshop selected participating press reporters will be provided with a reporting grant to carry out the evaluation they supplied at the Workshop; selected press reporters will similarly be invited to supply their assessments at the Africa-China Reporters Online Online forum that will happen at the African Investigative Journalism Conference at Wits University in October2019

Open to press reporters from South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Angola and Malawi;(*****************)
Applications will be considered from press reporters with various levels of experience and from numerous geographical landscapes e.g. resident press reporters from rural communities and urban-based press reporters, and so on.
Option will be supplied to prospects with proposals for assessments focusing on area development and innovative choices worrying the poaching of rhinos and elephants and the restricted trade of these types. Exceptions can be produced assessments on lions and pangolins, relying on the nature of the story.

Please solve your email to [email protected] with the heading APPLICATION: POACHING & TRAFFICKING WORKSHOP; include the following items (as devices in MS Word or PDF formats) by no behind 26 Might 2019:.

Prospect CV, and list of previous journalism reporting, include if easily offered any previous reporting on wildlife poaching and trafficking.
Proposal for wildlife poaching and trafficking story to be analyzed in the countries explained above, with a clear proposed heading at the start, a brief description of the brief post concept and objectives, and a brief report of WHAT will be analyzed and HOW, including an indication of the value to area engagement/impact/solutions to wildlife poaching and trafficking associated to rhinos and elephants in the countries explained above.
The proposal needs to similarly include:.
Indication of where the evaluation will be launched.
A thorough budget prepare for the evaluation to be carried out after the Workshop with specific line items totaling up to no higher than US$ 1,500

To find out more, take a look at Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop.