Without Buhari, APC will stop working in 2023– MBO Planner


• ‘We were surprised when Minister deserted President’s re-election project’.

By Bashir Adefaka.

The wind blowing in the All Progressives Congress (APC) hints risk ahead, according to Alhaji Hammed Eleyele, a previous ally of the Minister of Communications, Abdulraheem Adebayo Shittu.

The Oyo State Planner for the Buhari/Osinbajo Strategic Project Group (MBO), with whom the Minister worked when he (Shittu) began the Buhari re-election project in 2018, spoke to Sunday Lead. Excerpts:.

• Eleyele.

In my last interview in Abuja with the Minister of Communications, Mr Abdulraheem Adebayo Shittu, he informed me something various from what a media report stated, that he did not closed down MBO Workplace in Ibadan. However you left the Shittu camp for Guv Abiola Ajimobi’s camp. If there was no problem, why did you change camps?

Muhammadu Buhari/Osinbajo Strategic Project Group (MBO) didn’t have any issue so huge. The Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, was its Chairman, Board of Trustees. However, along the line, an issue took place in between him and the National Planner of MBO. I attempted to step in however, at the end of the day, the issue could not be dealt with and it resulted in the Minister withdrawing from the group.

I, as the state Planner, nevertheless, chose to advance due to the fact that I was asked in Abuja that in case the Minister stopped to be the Chairman of the BOT, what would I do? They asked to understand whether I would continue or I would stop.

To start with, I didn’t provide a response which occurred on 2 celebrations up until the 3rd time when I was likewise asked and other associates in the Minister’s camp, like Nasirudeen Abdulafeez and Oladele Saheed, asked me to proceed and inform them l would remain on.

However why do you believe Abuja would ask you such concern consistently?

It was due to the fact that the National Planner, Mallam Usman Ibrahim, understood that I enjoy the Minister and, for a long time, they were preventing me whenever they had a conference due to the fact that they thought I was the one offering the Minister info on what they were doing.

Ultimately, when I informed the National Planner that I would continue as Oyo State Planner, he stated “Congratulations!” The Minister had actually comprised his mind not to be part of the group and what that indicated was that he stopped being the investor of MBO.

So he was the investor of the group …

He was doing his finest and there were some elements he was looking after. MBO had employee whose incomes the Minister was paying, although sporadically. All of that stopped and there was absolutely nothing to cater for the running expense of the group from the camp of the Minister to which I belonged.

I remained in Abuja when Mr Tola Ajala, among MBO’s National Patrons, called me and stated the Minister called him to state that the property manager of the structure real estate our workplace had actually been fretting him which, due to the fact that he had absolutely nothing to do with MBO once again, he (Ajala) might leave what came from the group from the structure. I saw it as one of the greatest errors the Minister would ever make. Even other members of the Shittu camp whose viewpoint I looked for about the Minister’s choice were aghast about the suitability of it.

And if I had permitted that circumstance to pass without option, would it not have indicated completion of MBO in Oyo State? Due to the fact that it got to a point that what was left of MBO was just that structure. So, giving up and leaving the group’s possessions from that structure was to bring MBO to a stop in the state.

What then did you do as State Planner to conserve the circumstance?

I had a hard time to discover another structure at Molete.

Moneyed by whom?

It was moneyed by Mr Ajala since that previous workplace was likewise moneyed by him. Ajala was the one that paid N3 million lease for the previous office complex. This National Client was constantly worried about how not to permit the issue to intensify however when his effort to fix it stopped working, he chose to continue to relate to both Shittu’s camp and MBO and, so, he moneyed the lease of the other location we got at Molete which was N750,000 after the previous N3 million. He was even accountable for the financing of banner however, when the nationwide level grumbled about the banner, I used up the financing of another banner, which was simply N65,000

However you have actually been implicated of disposing Shittu for Ajimobi. How come Ajimobi could not money MBO?

Leaving Shittu does not suggest going to Ajimobi. I remained in the celebration and Ajimobi took place to be the leader of the celebration in Oyo State. That was what was unexpected to Shittu’s camp. They believed our having the ability to make it through was that Ajimobi was funding me however my own was to make sure the celebration prospered.

Keep in mind, Shittu didn’t leave the celebration likewise.

Yes. He did not leave the celebration. He stated so. However he was stating that he would develop another Buhari project company, which I likewise viewed as an incorrect choice. I asked, ‘How would you develop a company as huge as MBO, well developed, and you now wish to destroy it even if you have issue with the National Planner, whereas, you are far above that National Planner by being the Chairman of the Board of Trustees?’.

I then asked, ‘Where will you put me? I swore obligation to do my finest for the uplift of MBO and its members. Would I permit MBO to pass away, for that reason? You are no longer with the company due to the fact that of unsolved problem. Then, I need to stick with MBO’. That was the choice I took which they misconstrued for me going to Ajimobi’s camp whereas the program of MBO is to promote the celebration and its prospects.

When Shittu left, did Ajimobi accept or deal with MBO?

Ajimobi didn’t deal with MBO. The guv grumbled to the National Planner that I didn’t concern him and really I didn’t go to him.

Okay, when you now went to him, did he do anything favorable for the group?

I didn’t even go to Ajimobi however I didn’t let anyone understand that I didn’t go to him.

However to the Minister, Eleyele had actually discarded him for Ajimobi. He should have seen something prior to stating so.

He stated so due to the fact that he was surprised by the success I was attaining as State Planner of MBO. He didn’t understand where the assistance was originating from. I want to make it clear to our fans and every other interested Nigerian that I didn’t leave Shittu for Ajimobi. The only time I can be found in contact with Ajimobi physically was when he pertained to Sepeteri for project and I took place to be at Sepeteri then, which was what I reported on the Facebook and, which likewise was where they drew their claim from, believing that the guv and I had actually been dinning and wining together prior to he pertained to Sepeteri.

However what could be incorrect that Ajimobi needed to go to the level of reporting you to the National Planner that you didn’t concern him?

He reported me to the National Planner due to the fact that I merely did not go to him.

If you had gone to him, what would he have done?

As the State Planner of MBO, I was expected to go to him. However due to the fact that of the love I have for Lawyer Shittu, I declined to go to him. And all the significant stakeholders in Oyo State desired me to go to the guv however I provided one reason or another to support my not going to him.

Some individuals declare the guv didn’t actually project for President Buhari?

I would not understand that Ajimobi didn’t project for President Buhari.

However the President lost Oyo State regardless of the guv and MBO.

That does not suggest that he didn’t project for the President.

The reality, nevertheless, stays that President Buhari lost in Oyo State regardless of your MBO and Ajimobi’s management of APC …

( Cuts in) The losses we sustained in Oyo State throughout the elections were an item of lots of aspects that include the internal rancour in between the primary leaders and the celebration in the state, the Minister inclusive, with himself as the leader of Unity Online forum. Those are individuals that left the celebration. Those that left the celebration were bigger in number than those who stayed.

However we, at MBO, were on the very same page with the camp of the Minister. We were aggrieved too. Once a concern is dealt with at the nationwide level, MBO does not have choice than to comply with the resolution of the nationwide secretariat of our celebration. That is what I did. Even if the issue intensified beyond that, I would still stay with the celebration and all the prospects of the celebration would be my prospects.

Osun State is shaking. Oyo State is lost to the PDP. Do you have any worry that what aggrieved members discuss will not impact the future of APC? However prior to you address this concern, inform me, would you state the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, is really incorrect on the problem that is triggering him to be aggrieved?

I appreciate the Minister in some elements of the choice he took, like litigating. I enjoy it. That is the last hope of the commoner. For that reason he did the ideal thing. What I opposed is his dissociating himself from where the celebration was going; like his choice not to choose the governorship prospect of the APC, in the individual of Adebayo Adelabu, a.k.a. Penkelemess, due to the fact that of the method he emerged. Everybody didn’t like the method Adelabu emerged. All other prospects resembled Shittu, they didn’t like the method Adelabu emerged however they needed to concur. And I informed individuals that if Shittu emerges in court tomorrow as the APC prospect, he becomes my prospect. That is MBO for you. If it is any other individual, he too becomes my prospect. That is what they misconstrued and I can not be discussing all of these all the time.

APC future.

I do not captivate any worry. I simply see those advancements that took place as a chance to do things right.

Take a look at those individuals that left the celebration in Osun, like the Secretary to the State Federal government, had it been that they remained in the celebration, with their fans, some numbering as much as 30,000, some 10,000 … Take a look at the margin in between us and the PDP. So, those individuals added to the success of the PDP instead of of APC due to the fact that they were aggrieved.

So, things were not right. We didn’t take the ideal action which made individuals feel aggrieved. What I see because is the chance for us to do things ideal next time.

And I need to value President Muhammadu Buhari on the position he took that he would not interfere in the operations of organizations like INEC, the judiciary and the legislature. That will now make political leaders pick individuals’s fulfillment as versus utilizing shrewd methods to be successful due to the fact that they now understand that, if they do not make individuals pleased by their conduct or efficiency, they will instantly stop working.

How should the President manage the development of the ninth National Assembly management?

Due to the fact that of our experience with the outbound 8th National Assembly, I recommend that Mr. President need to affect the development of the management of both chambers of the ninth National Assembly. Those to emerge should be based upon their contributions and should have interest of the celebration at heart and they should be all set for sacrifices.

Individuals talk more of the interest of Buhari than they do of the interest of the celebration due to the fact that they think that talking of the interest of the celebration is discussing the interest of specific individuals. Thinking about how that behaviour made Buhari and APC to lose to the PDP in Oyo State, what is your take?

The course to the survival of the APC has actually been exposed in the simply concluded elections. APC is everything about Muhammadu Buhari. Get Rid Of Buhari, APC is completed. And if he does not contribute in 2023 to the development of who prospers him, APC will stop working. So, you can see it. See the National Assembly elections we had the very same day with that of the President, we taped an extremely big success, especially in Oyo State where we had 9 Legislature’ members out of 14 and 2 senators out of 3.



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