Wits Journalism Africa-China Reporting Job Grants 2019 (As Much As US$ 3,000)


Due Date: April 14,2019

The Africa-China Reporting Job at Wits Journalism and partner China House are inviting press reporters to send out proposals for 2 opportunities: Africa-China audio/visual reporting grants or investigative reporting grants.
Through this need both audio/visual and investigative reporting grants the Job searches for to promote dynamic storytelling and reporting of Africa-China assessments focusing on specific issues that stay in the public interest and have a value to China’s and Chinese interests’ functions, activities and result in Africa.
The Job inspires press reporters to send out proposals that plan to expose fresh and nuanced assessments with new findings about complex Africa-China relations, and if possible that consists of other partners and companies who can collaborate on and widen the assessments (the Job can perhaps assist prospects to form cooperations with taking a look at partners in Asia and in other locations). Of worth is for prospects to present fresh and important principles and a possible technique to bring them out.
The Job is searching for applications from press reporters for 2 different type of reporting grants:.

Audio/visual reporting grants: For audio or video reporting jobs by press reporters established at media houses and preferably with the needed gadgets quickly provided, as the grant will likely not be sufficient to cover hiring of gadgets and total production costs.

Investigative reporting grants: For print and/or online assessments by press reporters running at media houses together with freelance press reporters. Option will be provided to prospects able to include acknowledged publishing platforms and the involvement of taking a look at or other partners in their proposals.

Please fix an email with the heading APPLICATION: AUDIO-VISUAL REPORTING GRANT or APPLICATION: INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING GRANT and consisting of the following items (in devices in MS Word or PDF formats) to [email protected] by no behind 14 April:.

Prospect CV, and list of previous Africa-China reporting and/or previous investigative or audio/visual journalism reporting.
Proposal for story to be analyzed, with a clear proposed heading at the start and a fast report of WHAT will be analyzed and HOW, including a detailed approach for how and where the assessment will be performed.
Audio/visual reporting proposals should include a draft production storyboard to support the approach.
An indication of where the assessment will be launched or aired, and which partners if any will be used or required and how this will widen the assessment.
A detailed budget with specific line items totaling up to as much as US$ 3,000

For more information, go to Africa-China Reporting Job.