World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council: Young Ocean Leaders Desired!


Due Date: August 11,2019

Young Ocean Leaders Desired! The World Oceans Day is now accepting applications to register with the # WorldOceansDay Youth Advisory Council! The Council is trying to find 10 young ocean leaders from around the world to bring the Council to a grand overall of 25 members! Usage to wind up being a Youth Advisory Council member.

The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council (Council) was produced in 2016 to develop World Oceans Day into an unique approach to link and sign up with youth around the world for a far better future with a much healthier ocean that sustains everybody, no matter where we live. To do so, the Council makes use of World Oceans Day to rally the world on and around 8 June and products opportunities for continuous engagement and action year-round.

The Council works thoroughly with The Ocean Task and its around the world partner network to help form the development of World Oceans Day as it grows– expanding its reach and result by providing new and unique perspectives, principles, and tips for innovative and effective engagement with youth and others from all sectors connected with honoring World Oceans Day.


Council members are ages 16-22
The Council represents a broad and different network of 25 young leaders.
An optimum of 2 members per country are accepted.
Council members serve for 2 succeeding World Oceans Days.
Council members are put in amongst 5 groups based upon their location throughout their 2-year term.
Upon conclusion of their term on the Council, members are encouraged to wind up being World Oceans Day Ambassadors through the Council alumni network.
World Oceans Day Ambassadors will continue to help grow the reach and result of World Oceans Day and also work as coaches for existing Council members.


Develop a minimum of one significant World Oceans Day celebration in their area, and ideally interact with other youth to develop numerous celebrations.
Share World Oceans Day social media networks posts and develop a minimum of one short article each year.
Help with corresponding World Oceans Day-related items.
Advance World Oceans Day through their own specific networks and connections.
Relate to the broader World Oceans Day network to engage people in all sectors.
Represent the Council at celebrations, conferences, and essential conferences throughout the year.
Members should prepare for to invest roughly around 10 hours every month on Council activities, including consistently organized Zoom video calls, with rather more time invested throughout January– June.


Prospects should remain in between the ages of 16 and22
Prospects require to have the capability to make a two-year devotion– including around 10 hours every month to Council activities.
Prospects require to desire ocean conservation!


Usage to register with the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council!

Click this link to utilize.

For more information, go to World Oceans Day.