Worldwide Landscapes Online Online Forum (GLF) 2019 Youth in Landscapes Camp in Accra, Ghana


Application Due Date: July 14 th2019

The Worldwide Landscapes Online Online Forum (GLF) and the Youth in Landscapes Effort (YIL) are establishing a reliable landscape experience to alert the hearts and minds of future leaders.

Kept in the lead-up to the GLF Accra 2019 conference from 29-30 October, this program will unify young change-makers from around the world to take a deep, analytical have a look at a local area or job that has really successfully achieved its goals for a more sustainable landscape.


Apply if you:.

Remain in between 18 and35
Want Sustainable Improvement.
Desire bring beneficial adjustment in your own landscape.
Can rapidly adapt to numerous circumstances.

Pre-WorkshopPrior to the workshop, individuals.will collaborate with organizers by methods of Skype to carry out an area analysis of.their hosting area, and brainstorm ideas to even more.enhance the landscapes. By bringing their understanding and capabilities, they.will have the possibility to collaborate with the local area on strengthen well-functioning functions, and how to dominate pushing.barriers.

26– 28 October: Youth in Landscapes CampWith 3 days of interactive workshops, area structure.activities, and conversations with essential stakeholders in the job site,. youth people will be inspired and affected to wind up being front-line. stars in their countries. The stories will be completely covered.through vlogs on social media networks.

Example of jobs’ topics are:. gender equality and monetary empowerment, afforestation or remediation.of abject lands, area sturdiness structure, environment modification.adjustment, enhancing farming performance and worth chains.

29-30 October: GLF Accra2019

After.3 days of activities in 3 numerous communities, individuals.will gather in Accra for their active involvement in GLF Accra2019 They will have the opportunity to share their experience with specialists.from worldwide, and to learn about stories and efficient.methods to landscape removal.

For More Information:.

Take a look at the Authorities Websites of the GLF 2019 Youth in Landscapes Camp.