Would you move in with a partner you are not married to?

Would you move in with a partner you are not married to?

By Juliet Ebirim

For anyone in a long-term relationship, these two statements might sound familiar;  “It’s crazy to marry someone without living with them first. You need to test out the relationship!� and  “If you want to marry him, don’t even think about moving in.


He’ll have no reason to propose!�. Though opposite sentiments, both pieces of (often unsolicited) advice are strong opinions on the topic of whether you should — or shouldn’t — live with your partner before marriage. Fifty years ago, cohabiting with one’s significant other before marriage was described in pejorative terms and often thought of as immoral. Today the story is quite different as more couples are living together outside of marriage.

As usual we sought the opinions of some female celebrities on these growing trend and here are their responses:

It’s not advisable – Belinda Effah, Actress

It’s not advisable to move in with your partner if you are not married. This is because, in most cases a relationship will fare based on how you present yourself. If you are easily accessible to a guy, there is no longing anymore, no suspense, nothing to look forward to.

Everything is there for him in full display. It may take the guy longer to become committed because he already has everything. In his mind , he is already married so what’s the point of doing anything else. Let the ladies keep the guys wanting by not giving all.

Yes, there’s no law restricting us – Uche Ogbodo

Well, yes oooo, I would move in with a partner I’m not married to. Why won’t I move in with him? I don’t think there is a law restriction on “Live In Lovers “ So long as we both are compatible and we agree to live together, why not?

Never, never, I won’t! – Blessing Patrick, Actress

Never! Never! Never! My faith does not allow it and besides, it’s wrong. The man has every right to end things with you, which will be very shameful after so many wasted years. And you will be living in fear of the unknown, because the truth is that when things like that happen, the women involved know it’s wrong.

I won’t, that’s a wrong move – Evia Simon, Actress

Of course not. That is the mistake most of our fellow ladies do all in the name of securing their relationship so another woman will not take their place. But that is a wrong move , though I have seen ladies who move in to stay with their partners and after two kids they later payed their bride price or do a small marriage ceremony, while some after one or two kids they are separated.

For others, even after four children they still couldn’t get their partner to pay their bride price or even do a proper marriage ceremony, What is good for Mr A may not be good   for Mr B .. but as for me, I will not move in with my partner without being married to him.

No, distance makes the heart grow fonder – Jennifer Enujiugha, Model

I wouldn’t move in with a partner I am not married to. A lot of issues always pop up when two persons dating live together. Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder, so it’s better to live apart till we are officially married.

Only if he has put a ring on it – Sandra Ifudu, Singer

Yes, I can, but only if he has put a ring on it (We are engaged) and I’m sure that we would eventually get married. Aside from that, it’s a no no for me. I ain’t anybody’s mama, maid or sex object.

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