‘Yoruba, unlike Igbo, Hausa, are too advanced to have one socio-political group’


By Rotimi Ojomoyela– Ado Ekiti.

Secretary of the Yoruba Council of Elders, YCE, Dr. Kunle Olajide, in this interview, speaks on the ramifications of the supposed election of Prof. Banji Akintoye as the leader of the Yoruba.

Kunle Olajide.

The election of Teacher Banji Akintoye as the leader of the Yoruba is creating debate throughout the South-West. What do you believe is accountable?

The Yoruba race has to do with a hundred and fifty million individuals, spread around the world and they are really congenial, really resourceful, really liberal and really accommodating. They do not wish to be cheated and do not think in unfaithful others. When you discuss the management of such individuals, a great deal of elements should be taken into account.

Are you discussing management in the political arena, spiritual arena, service arena, or in academic community? We simply need to be clear. If we are discussing total management, one needs to be exceptionally mindful, due to the fact that we remain in a constitutional democracy now, where there is flexibility of option, flexibility of association and flexibility of speech.

Simply put, just politicians are chosen through effectively performed elections. And Nigerians above the age of 18 who deserve to vote can vote. However if we are discussing Yoruba management, individuals can take a seat to pick their leader and you can’t fault their option due to the fact that there is flexibility of option under the constitution.

Would the Yoruba accept the management?

Whether the management would be accepted by the bulk of the Yoruba is another concern. We became aware of an election performed by some groups from the Yoruba race just recently and for such groups, they deserve to pick a leader. Their option is an extremely well appreciated Yoruba leader. We appreciate him, and we love him. He is rather skilled and has the needed qualifications to be the leader. However you start to stress over the procedure and the intention of those who collected. Even the leader that was picked was not at that conference where he was picked. Once again, one starts to question whether they have his grant pick him. Does he support it? Is he part of it? For that reason the procedure that ought to produce Yoruba management should as much as possible be comprehensive. I am discussing bring our primary conventional rulers along. Their approval needs to be looked for. The Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of Oyo, Owa of Ijesha land, Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Olowo of Owo, Olukare of Ikare, Awujale of Ijebuland, Eleko of Lagos and host of others. The job is for the Yoruba and our leaders should have understood throughout the years those, who have actually paid their fees in the service of the Yoruba country. When you hear that a couple of boys took a seat someplace and declared to have actually picked a leader for the Yoruba race, one starts to question just how much they learn about Yoruba race. We are talented as I stated previously. Yoruba country is endowed, even in the spiritual arena, our individuals are popular. A few people do not comprehend the circumstance due to the fact that we have not even heard a word from the chosen leader, who occurred to be among my leaders. He is someone I understand and have regard for. He hasn’t stated a word whether he is accepting the duty or not. I believe the election and the entire concept are streaming in the air.

Would you state that the action of these individuals is an intentional effort to trigger a crisis in the Yoruba country?

It is hard for me to pass that type of judgement due to the fact that we are yet to understand those behind it and in any case, it is over a week now and the expected leader is yet to speak to us on whether he is accepting the position or decreasing. He has not even stated that he is beginning a procedure of regularising the abnormalities. I do not understand the program behind it.

Some individuals have actually come out to state that action is linked to the 2023 governmental aspiration of some leaders. Do you share that viewpoint?

It is possible however I’m not a mind reader. I can not check out the mind of those behind it. And discussing 2023, I believe the prayers of every affordable human being now need to be to even endure this 2019 due to the fact that we are yet to see completion of2019 As I am talking with you there would be a few of us who might not be lucky to see 2020, 2021, 2022, and2023 And individuals are discussing2023

It was stated that 2 names existed at the election. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Teacher Banji Akintoye were noted and Akintoye was stated to have actually emerged. Do not you believe the election was an effort to prompt a rift in between the 2 leaders?

I am not too sure whether the 2 individuals discussed knew the conference. I believe it is unethical for any person to present names of individuals without seeking their approval whether they wish to object to for the workplace or not in the very first location. That is unethical. The Yoruba have actually established far beyond that. You can’t simply select 2 names and state one scored 2 million, the other scored 5 million. They didn’t seek their approval. For me, it will be incorrect to start evaluating the circumstance from what we check out in the documents. Let the stars speak. None has actually spoken. Let us wait on them to speak.

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Individuals are starting to believe this would trigger crisis to name a few leaders of the Yorubaland?

I believe the Yoruba are much advanced and established. You can see beyond such puerile technique. We are quite established and much advanced. Numerous difficulties are facing us now. We have a lot to do than to be discussing leaders who are not acknowledged by the constitution.

In the Yoruba race now we have actually the Afenifere led by Pa Fasoranti and another lead by Pa Fasanmi. There is likewise the Afenifere Renewal Group and the Yoruba Council of Elders.

It suggests our elegance. We remain in a totally free world. For example, when a group forms a socio-cultural Yoruba group, no one would combat the group. However when they wish to pick a leader they should make large assessment in an advanced country like the Yoruba country. Conventional rulers are really essential if not the most essential. You should talk with them and seek their approval due to the fact that they are the agent of gods in the world. The academic community and other Yoruba groups need to likewise be brought along in selecting who leads the Yoruba.

Do not you believe it is due time the Yoruba formed a group like the Location Consultative Online Forum?

No! Do not make such error by calling Arewa consultative Online forum a strong umbrella group. We can’t have such a thing in the Yoruba country.

What about Ndigbo?

Ndigbo do not have a well-structured organisation. At the time we had our very first medical physician there was none in these 2 parts of the nation you are discussing. When Bishop Ajayi Crowther concerned Nigeria none of these 2 parts of the world had anything to do with education. The Yoruba country is various. We can communicate, have a typical program and collaborate for the excellent of Yoruba country however we are too advanced to be limited to a single socio-cultural organisation. You should work to make your management position in Yoruba land. It is not simply offered to anybody who has actually served the race creditably.

Are you not fretted about the possible ramifications of this concern?

I am not stressed due to the fact that Teacher Banji Akintoye, an educated Teacher of History, is a reputable Yoruba leader. He is a political leader of note. He was a senator in the 2nd Republic He is the Chairman and Creator of Oodua Structure worldwide. He is among my primary leaders.




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