Youths in C’River protest bad governance in Nigeria

Youths in C’River protest bad governance in Nigeria

CALABAR-THOUSANDS of youths, at the weekend, marched round major streets of Calabar, Cross River State, demonstrating against bad governance that has continually bedeviled the country since independence.

Chanting songs, the youths with the name, Pragmatic Leadership Initiative, said what the country needs in 2019 is good governance to ensure development and assure the future of generations yet unborn.

Leader of the group, Ms Elizabeth Usani, said:  “We are not satisfied with the type of leadership we have today and that is what prompted the formation of this group. You can see today that there are so many vices in the country and youths are at the receiving end of all these and unless this country charts a new course, we, the youths and generations yet unborn, will continue to suffer.”

She said the youths want credible people with well-oriented programmes to contest the 2019 elections and those who do not have any useful agenda should be shown the way out or not voted into power.

“We are carrying out symposiums, sensitisations and workshops to tell the youths who are the biggest  voting strength in this country, to only support those with the right agenda and not those who give them money because money is not everything.”

She said the group is not in support of any political party, promoting   any individual’s political interest,   but out to seek the party and the candidates, who can deliver the country from the situation it has presently found itself.

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