Zawadi Africa Education Fund Undergrad Scholarship 2019 for Female Africans


Due Date: April 5,2019

Applications for the Zawadi Africa Education Fund Undergrad Scholarship 2019 for Female Africans are now open. The scholarship supports skilled girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue college in the United States.
Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a management development program that provides university scholarships and management development and life capabilities training to academically skilled nevertheless financially disadvantaged African girls, with the objective of developing a pipeline of young African girls leaders.
Zawadi Africa was formed with the belief that together with a world class education and the very best character development, these young African girls will have the capability to return to their home countries empowered and prepared with the capabilities needed to make significant, beneficial impact in their areas in a continent where usually girls have really not had a voice in the development of their area.

Prospect requirement to be a woman who has really completed her secondary school assessment e.g. The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Evaluation (KCSE);(**************)
Has really revealed scholastic quality (A Plain or A Minus);(**************)
Has really revealed management qualities e.g. in school as a prefect, in the area, church, management in peer involved activities and so on);(**************)
Has really eliminated frustrating opportunities such as extreme financial challenges, overbearing social-cultural practices such as early marital relationships and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and so on in order to attain scholastic quality;(**************)
Stem from a financially disadvantaged background;(**************)
Has really revealed clear financial requirement.

Prospects should download the application for their country:.

To find out more, go to Zawadi Africa Education Fund.